I’m Tracy, a proud mom of two adorable munchkins – a vibrant 4-year-old daughter and an oh-so-curious 1-year-old son. My photography journey began with my daughter’s birth, captivating me with the idea of freezing precious moments. From holiday cheers to monthly milestones, I documented her steps, weaving lasting memories. With our son’s arrival, my passion grew. What started as a hobby blossomed into a love for capturing life’s beauty. 

Though I’m an amateur, my dedication to preserving family essence is strong. I understand the cost of professional photography, driving me to offer something special. My mission is quality photography without the hefty price. Treasured memories deserve candid capture. Every family has a unique story, and I’m here to tell yours through my lens. 

From monthly milestones to family picnics, I seize instances and transform them into timeless art. The sparkle in a child’s eyes, family warmth, infectious laughter – these are what I capture. Let’s embark on a creative journey. From creative backdrops that set the stage for enchanting tales to carefully selected props that add a touch of magic, there are no boundaries to what we can create together. 

Challenge me with your ideas, and watch as they come to life. Together, we’ll craft images resonating with your family’s joy and love. Thank you for considering me on your photographic journey. I look forward to meeting you and creating cherished memories.